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WWII Nazi German RAD EM/NCO'S Belt Buckle Koppelschloß
Item #: VF4908
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Early, injection molded, natural aluminum box buckle with a pebbled base field and a circular, embossed central motif. The central motif features five, high relief embossed sheaves of wheat encompassing an embossed, inverted, smooth, spade head with an embossed, canted, pebbled, swastika on a subtlety textured, domed, circular central field. The reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of obverse. The reverse has an integral, raised, slotted buckle catch and separate prong bar and prongs all intact. The reverse is also well marked with embossed, stylized, overlapping manufacturers initials and date "LGS 39", indicating manufacture by L Gottlieb & Sonne, and the leather tab coincides with the maker having the name L Gottlieb & Sonne *Oberstein* embossed on the leather.  Complete with original leather pull tab. Near MINT!
The basis of the RAD, Reichsarbeitsdienst, (National Labor Service), dates back, at least, to 1929 with the formation of the AAD (Anhalt Arbeitsdienst) and the FAD-B (Freiwillingen Arbeitsdienst-Bayern), Shortly after Hitler's appointment as Chancellor, (January 1933) the NSDAP consolidated these, and other labor organizations into the NSAD (Nationalsozialist Arbeitsdienst), a national labor service. On June 26TH 1935 the NSAD was re-designated RAD. Originally personnel serving with RAD wore a variety of earlier FAD/NSAD belt buckles until February 15TH 1936 when new pattern belt buckles for Officer's and EM/NCO's were introduced to provided uniformity in dress.
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