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Collar Disk & Other Collar Insignia -
WWII Tunic Removed Nazi German Wehrmacht GENERAL Officer's Rank Collar Tab Kragenspiegel
Item #: VF4903
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General’s collar tab with a red wool base and hand embroidered Arabesque style "Larisch" pattern ornamentation in gilt bullion wire threads. The Larisch pattern ornamentation consists of two, triple pointed, vertical prongs with a decorative, horizontal, arrow head shaped ornamentation at the forward edge and down-swept flared tail shaped decoration near the reverse edge. The collar tab is mounted on a buckram backing and had been removed from the uniform.
The distinctive collar insignia for German generals from the Kaiser era until today is known as 'Larischstickerei', which means 'Larisch stitch' in German. The namesake Larisch is from the last commander of the Prussian 26th infantry regiment Johannes von Larisch, and the pattern was originally featured as the button hole ornament (hence the button hole shape in the middle) for the regimental uniform. In 1900, Kaiser Wilhelm II decreed it as the official collar insignia for the Prussian Generals and it has been used subsequently by the Reichsheer, the Wehrmacht.
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