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WWII Nazi German Kriegsmarine Female Auxiliaries Overseas Cap Bordmütze
Item #: VF4884
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Kriegsmarine female auxiliary overseas cap is made of fine quality, dark blue wool construction with golden yellow wool piping around the fold down panel's edge. Machine embroidered cap eagle is neatly handstitched to the lower front as per May, 1944 regulations. Nice quality black cotton lining that is nicely marked 1944 Rb.Nr.0/0415/0023 58.
Although the Kriegsmarine had utilized female personnel even before WWII, they were employed on an individual contract basis and classed as civilians. In December 1941 the War Service Laws dictated that females between 18 and 40 years of age could be drafted into military service as non-combatants with the Wehrmachtgefolge, (Armed Forces Retinue). Assorted auxiliary services were instituted up to July 1942, when the Marinehelferinnen, (Navy Auxiliaries), was established. Uniform regulations for the Marinehelferinnen personnel was published in late 1942 and early 1943, and included the overseas cap. The design of the female auxiliary overseas cap was basically identical to the male overseas cap with distinctive rank identifying piping. Originally the female auxiliaries wore the standard national eagle on the upper front of the cap and no national cockade, in May of 1944 regulations altered the placement of the national eagle to the front center of the fold down panel and altered the color of the rank piping. Of Note: In November 1944 all female auxiliary personnel were grouped together under the control of the newly established, "Wehrmachthelferinnenkorps", (Corps of Female Armed Forces Auxiliaries).
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