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WWII US Navy MKV Divers Knife By Vince Forge Company of Easton Pa. With Scabbard
Item #: VF4817
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This is a MK V dive knife made by the Vince Forge Company of Easton, PA. Vince was one of the low volume producers of these knives which makes them scarce and highly collectible. Two features make the Vince knife distinctive. The first is a loop that is fitted to the pommel on a swivel that rotates around its circumference. It was the only MK V style knife made with this feature. The second is the tiny teeth that are along one serrated edge that number 13 to the inch. Vince first introduced in 1935 and made until after WW II in 1946. The overall dimensions of this knife are 13 3/4 with the hilt being 4 3/8 and a blade of 6 3/4 and weighing just under 4 pounds. The knife is designed to screw into the top 1" of a cast brass sheath which is included using Acme threads which hold it securely, and allows it to be easily and quickly removed. The upper edge of the knife blade has saw teeth while the lower edge has a very sharp knife edge. This knife was used in salt water and shows age as would be expected. The blade is tight in the ferule and is in very good condition and tight. The wood handle is in great shape and has the brass brail swivel loop attached. The sheath is missing it's leather strap, and there are some marks from use. Overall this is a very desirable piece in excellent condition.
Price: $450.00 USD (Sale Pending)