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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Field Division Rifle Regiment EM'S Collar Tabs Kragenspiegel
Item #: VF4796
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Rifle-green wool construction collar tabs with a stamped alloy rank "gull" to each. The collar tabs are mounted on tan buckram backings.
The Reichsluftwaffe was official established on February 26TH 1935 as the third branch of service of the Armed Forces. On March 9TH 1935 the formation of the new Reichsluftwaffe was announced to the foreign press and on March 16TH conscription was reintroduced for all three branches of service. On May 21ST 1935 the Reichsluftwaffe designation was altered to Luftwaffe. Collar tabs were adopted by the newly formed Luftwaffe on April 14TH 1935 and followed the basic pattern of the collar tabs that had been utilized by its earlier civilian forerunner the, DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League). The collar tabs were worn in matching pairs and indicated the branch of service and rank of the wearer. The Luftwaffe field divisions were rapidly mobilized from Luftwaffe ground personnel in late 1942 and early 1943, to replace the massive lose of men on the Eastern front. Due to the lack of training and poor performance in the field, of the twenty-two divisions formed, seventeen were either destroyed or disbanded before the end of the war. In January 1943 distinctive, "Jäger-Grün", (Rifle-Green), collar tabs with newly introduced branch of service piping were introduced to identify the Luftwaffe field troops. Of Note: Due to their poor performance in the field the Luftwaffe field divisions were transferred to control of the Army on September 20TH 1943.