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Allgemeine & Waffen SS -
WWII Nazi German Very Rare SS Allach Porcelain 1939 Party Day Vase
Item #: FRJ211
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Examples of this VERY RARE, short, Parteitagvasen (Party Day Vase) are shown on pages 79 & 80 of SS Porcelain Allach by Tony Oliver as well as on page 103 of Allach PORCELAIN 1939 – 1945 Volume I by Dennis R. Porrell. The vase measures 160mm in diameter and 80mm in height.  On the outside of the top lip, in raised gothic letters, is the inscription, "Biwakabend der SS Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1939” (Bivouac Evening of the SS Nürnberg 1939). The underside of the bowl is marked with intertwined SS Runes and "Allach” in green Gothic letters within a raised octagon. Mr. Porrell states that, "This item was intended to be given to special SS recipients who were to attend the famous German Nuremburg Rally. However due to onset of World War II, the rally was cancelled and none of the rally vases were distributed”. Superb, VERY RARE, and historically significantly artifact MINT.
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