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Named WWII US Navy M-1 Front Seam Swivel Bail Helmet With Liner
Item #: VF4614
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WWII US Navy, front seam, swivel bail helmet and liner. Helmet is named in several places including the liner and on each chin strap. Overall the helmet is in excellent condition with a Capac marked liner. The sailor's name was Edgar B. Goad of West Virginia.
The M-1 helmet was developed as a replacement for the M-1917 helmet that had seen use since WW1. It was designed by using the crown of the M-1917, removing the brim and adding extensions to protect the neck, ears, and forehead. The resulting form was then used as a template for the production of a helmet body from a single piece of Hadfield Manganese Steel. The liner and suspension were developed after a modified Riddel Football helmet. The M-1 helmet was approved for production in June of 1941. Early models had solid loops (fixed bale) for the chin straps but they broke off to often and were replaced with a moveable hinged loop. The original rim of the helmet was made of stainless steel but it was found that the paint that was used would wear off to easily and leave a shiny reflective surface. To remedy this they switched to a Hadfield Manganese Steel and also changed the butt of the rim from the front to the rear of the helmet body. This change took place in October of 1944. The M-1 helmet had the best ballistic characteristics of any helmet developed up to then and could with stand the force from a 230 grain, .45 caliber bullet with a velocity of 800 feet per second.
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