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WWII Nazi German Double Sided SA Car Pennant Fahrzeug Dienstwimpel
Item #: VF4528
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WWII German Nazi SA car pennant  that measures 9”x 14”. Pennant features a red base field with a central white circular disc with a stylized "SA" runes in black and black circular border trim to both sides. The pennant retains the original hoist edge that has a tunnel loop to it, through which a white cord has been fed. The cord forms a loop to the top of the hoist edge. Also retains the original RZM tag
Development of the SA, Sturmabteilung, (Storm Detachment), may be traced back to August 1921 when the first unit was formed to protect NSDAP leaders at party meetings and rallies and to act as opposition to rival political parties. Between its inception and Hitler’s ascension to power in January 1933 the SA had been uniformed, banned, reformed and reorganized. Prior to Hitler’s gaining of power the SA numbered about 300,000 personnel but by December 1933 it had reached a peak of roughly 4,500,000 personnel. The SA utilized vehicle service pennants in a similar was as the Armed Forces. These pennants were flown from the right front fender of the vehicle when an Officer was uniformed and in the vehicle.
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