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WWII Nazi German EM/NCO's Wehrmacht Belt Buckle By R.S.&S. Koppelschloß
Item #: VF4516
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Early, (circa 1936-1940), injection molded construction, natural aluminum box buckle with a pebbled background field and a slightly domed, embossed central motif. The central motif features an embossed Wehrmacht style eagle with down swept wings on a subtly pebbled field to the center, encompassed by an embossed oak-leaf cluster to the bottom and script, "Gott Mit Uns", (God with Us), to the top. The oak-leaf cluster and script are on a ribbed background field and are encircled by both an inner and outer simulated twisted rope border. The reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of the obverse excluding the outer pebbled field, and retains remnants of field-grey paint. The reverse has the integral, raised, slotted buckle catch and separate prong bar and prongs all intact. The reverse is well marked with the embossed manufacturers initials, "R.S.&S."
On January 24TH 1936 a new pattern EM/NCO’s belt buckle was officially introduced to replace the previously worn Weimar era Reichsheer buckle. The basic design of the Reichsheer buckle was retained with the addition of the new Wehrmacht style national eagle. This pattern buckle was worn through-out the Third Reich period with minor manufacturing variations and different colored finishes. The colored finish was determined by regulations depending on what form of uniform it was to be worn with.
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