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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German RLB Luftschutz Flag National Air Raid Protection League Reichsluftschutz Bund
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Roughly, 124cm tall, 200cm long, two sided 2nd pattern, (circa 1939-1945), red wool construction RLB flag features a printed 2nd pattern RLB emblem to the center. The RLB emblem is in the form of a forty-eight point white star burst pattern base with black swastika to the center. Shows the expect light age, but overall good condition. Hard one to find.
Formed in late 1932 the Deutscher Luftschutzverband (German Air Protection League), was a voluntary organization designed to provide civil air raid protection in large civilian centers. Shortly after Adolf Hitler’s ascension to power on January 30TH 1933, the Deutscher Luftschutzverband was restructured and placed under the supervision of the RLM, Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium, (National Ministry of Aviation), under the control of Hermann Göring. On April 29TH 1933 the Deutscher Luftschutzverband was renamed RLB, Reichs Luftschutz Bund, (National Air Raid Protection League), and was given status as an official, national, organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defence training. The RLB remained a voluntary organization with a small cadre of full-time, paid, uniformed, officials, designated as, Amtsträgeren, (Office Holders), to oversee the organizations functions. A national law, enacted on June 26TH 1935, stated that all German citizens were legally bound to assist in civil air raid defence which basically made RLB service a legal obligation. The main function of the RLB Amtsträger’s was the training and instruction of civilian RLB personnel in all aspects of civil air raid defence/protection. The RLB worked in close cooperation with the Feuerschutzpolizei, (Fire Protection Police), and other civil other air defense organizations such as the SHD, Sicherheits und Hilfs Dienst, (Security and Assistance Service), and the LSW, Luftschutzwarndienst, (Air Raid Warning Service). With a deep understanding of pageantry and symbolism, and its propaganda and psychological effectiveness, the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), went to great lengths to reinforce their political party to the general populace of Germany, with repetitive slogans and the omnipresent use of the swastika. Swastikas adorned flags, banners and pennants and were utilized at every possible opportunity. Although not specifically an NSDAP organization the RLB also utilized flags that incorporated the RLB emblem with a swastika. The first pattern RLB emblem, (Circa 1933-1938), consisted of a forty-eight point white star burst pattern with the stylized initials, "RLB" to the center, positioned above a small, canted, swastika. In October 1938 the RLB emblem was redesigned and replaced the RLB letters with a large swastika. This second pattern RLB emblem was utilized for the duration of the war. The first flags utilized by the RLB, (Circa 1934-1936), incorporated the first pattern RLB insignia on a red disk with a blue base field until a second pattern eliminating the red disk was introduced which was utilized until a third and final pattern was introduced in October 1938 that used the second pattern RLB emblem on a red base field.
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