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Stahlhelm Member's Belt Buckle With Dog Tag Of Service Man Who Brought It Back Koppelschloß
Item #: VF4405
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A 1933 pattern, slightly convex, stamped alloy, two piece construction buckle featuring, to the obverse, a plain field upon which is a circular face plate with an embossed, profiled M16 helmet to its center. The visor and rear apron of the helmet extend into a ribbed border with simulated twisted rope trim along its inner and outer edges. The ribbed border has a spray of oak leaves to its base and, in Gothic script, "Front Heil" along its top. The face plate is attached by two soldered spots, visible to the reverse. Also to the reverse is its raised buckle catch, and a prong bar with dual prongs, for the belt’s retaining tongue. An unmarked example. Buckle also comes with a single "Dog Tag" of the veteran who souvenired this this badge from the war. The veteran's name was Richard E. Shreffler ASN 36348795 of Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.
"Der Stahlhelmbund" (The Steel-helmet-league) was conceived as a national veterans’ organization by Franz Seldte in November of 1918, and was officially founded on Christmas day of that year. It was mostly comprised of WWI veterans trying to assimilate back into what was then a devastated society. The Stahlhelm became the largest of the post-war veterans’ groups, incorporating many of the smaller "Freikorps" groups into it. Most of its members were assimilated by the SA in 1933, and it was disbanded in 1935, with its remaining members absorbed by the DRKB ("Deutscher Reichskriegerbund"), which, in turn, was absorbed by the NS-RKB ("Nationalsozialistische - Reichskriegerbund") in 1938.
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