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WWII German Nazi NSDAP Membership Badge M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst of Oranienburg Parteiabzeichen
Item #: VF421
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The die struck 2 piece alloy construction, second pattern, (Circa 1938-1945), Frauenschaft Leader’s staff member’s lapel badge with silver washed, blue and black enamel work finishes is in the form of an inverted triangle, that is roughly, 1 5/8, tall with a 1 5/8 wide, top edge. The badge features a black enamel central field with the silver washed Gothic script, "NS.-Frauenschaft", to the top edge. Positioned above a silver washed, national eagle with spread wings, clutching a wreathed, canted, swastika in it’s talons, which is positioned above a vertical, silver washed, "Leben-rune", (Life rune). The central black enamel field and silver washed script and emblems are all encompassed by a fine, mid-blue border stripe, indicating the political Ortsgruppen, (Local Level), and the very outer edge of the badge has a fine, silver washed oak leaf border. The reverse of the badge has a small, soldered, vertical, pin and catch assembly with a circular base plate all intact and is well marked with the embossed RZM logo within dual circular borders and the manufacturer’s code, "4", indicating manufacture by Karl Gutenkunst of Oranienburg. The badge is in overall very good condition
Price: $75.00 USD (Sale Pending)