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WWII Nazi Golden Hitler Youth Member's Honor Badge
Item #: FRJ152
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A die struck alloy badge with a gold wash and enamel work, in the form of an elongated, vertical diamond. Within its borders is a black enamel, mobile swastika, set against a golden diamond, with white enamel fields to its left and right, and translucent red enamel fields, with pebbled underlays, above and below. Complete pin and catch assembly and numbered 48465 and is RZM coded M1/78 indicating the manufacturer Paulmann & Crone of Ludenscheid.
Introduced in June of 1934 by "Reichsjugendführer" (National-youth-leader) Baldur von Schirach, the golden Hitler Youth Honor badge, outwardly identical to the standard HJ member's badge but for its borders being wider and in gold, was intended to be awarded those in the HJ and BDM who had been members prior to the first National Youth Day Rally at Potsdam in October of 1932, and had five years of uninterrupted service. The five year stipulation was expanded to include membership in other NSDAP organizations, and the badge could also have been awarded for meritorious service, regardless of time served.