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Hitler Youth -
WWII German Nazi BDM Bund Deutscher Mädel District Sleeve Triangle West Mittelrhein
Item #: FRJ140
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A woven black rayon constructed isosceles triangle featuring machine woven Gothic script in two lines, "West Mittelrhein", in silver/gray threads. The triangle also has a narrow machine woven silver/gray border stripe near the outside edges. The triangle has a small section of its original black rayon factory roll folded and machine stitched to the reverse. Shows light usage and soiling. Excellent!
The BDM, Bund Deutscher Mädel, (League of German Girls), was the female counterpart of the male Hitler Jugend, (Hitler Youth), for girls aged 15-17, and was originally established in December 1928 as the Schwesternschaft der HJ, (Sisterhood of the HJ). In July 1930 the organization was re-designated Bund Deutscher Mädel and in April 1931 the JM, Jungmädelgruppe, (Young Girls Group), for girls aged 10-14, was established as the counterpart of the male Deutsche Jugend, (German Youth), On June 1ST 1932 the BDM/JM gained official status as an independent organization of the NSDAP. On January 1ST 1933 the HJ introduced a district sleeve triangle which identified the wearers unit location in the organizational control of the HJ, with the Obergebiet, (Higher Organizational Control), followed by the Gebiet, (Lower Organizational Control), until a restructuring in November 1936 replaced the Obergebiet level with the Obergau level. In April 1934 wear of the district sleeve triangles was extended to include BDM/JM personnel. The HJ district sleeve triangles featured golden yellow script while the BDM/JM district sleeve triangles utilized silver script.