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Allgemeine & Waffen SS -
SS Freiwilligen-Gebrigs-Division Prinz Eugen EM/NCO'S Collar Tab Kragenpatte
Item #: FRJ69
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Third and final pattern, un-piped, black wool construction right hand side, unit designation collar tab features a machine embroidered Odal rune in silvery/gray cotton threads. The collar tab is mounted on a tan buckram backing. The collar tab is in overall, mint, unissued condition.
In August 1929 the SS incorporated the wear of rank collar tabs on the left side of the collar of the service tunic. The SS collar tabs were originally adopted from the earlier rank collar tabs as utilized by the SA, Sturmabteilung, (Storm Troops). The SS collar tabs remained in usage through-out the war with a couple of minor alterations. Originally EM/NCO’s collar tabs for the ranks of SS-Schütze to SS-Hauptscharführer inclusively were piped in twisted white cord from their original inception, (Rank tabs, August 1929/Runic tabs, May 1933), until October 24TH 1934 when the piping for EM/NCO’s was modified to alternating twisted black and silver/aluminum cord piping. The final modification, in August 1940, eliminated all piping from EM/NCO’s collar tabs. Officer’s ranks collar tabs from SS-Untersturmführer to SS-Hauptsturmführer utilized alternating twisted black and silver/aluminum cord piping from their inception until October 24TH 1934 and silver/aluminum cord piping from October 1934 until the end of the war while the ranks of SS-Sturmbannführer to SS-Reichsführer utilized the silver/aluminum cord piping from August 1929 to May 1945. The 7TH SS-Freiwillingen-Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen" was first formed in March of 1942, primarily of ethnic Germans, (Volksdeutsche) from Serbia and Croatia. In April 1942 the Division was accorded the honor title "Prinz Eugen" after the Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy, who along with the Hungarian Janos Hunyadi had driven the Turks out of Hungary in the battle of Zenta in 1697. The Division served in an anti-partisan role in Yugoslavia from October 1942 until the end of the war. Due to the racial makeup of the divisional personnel Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler forbade wear of the SS runes on the collar insignia as he did not considered it to be a true SS division. As a result of Himmler’s decision not to allow the personnel wear of the SS runes it was decided that another suitable runic symbol be utilized and the ancient Odal rune, symbolizing kinship, was authorized for wear. Of Note: In spite of the, "Freiwillingen", (Volunteer), designation in the division’s title, most of the Volksdeutsche were actually conscripted.
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