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Luftwaffe -
WWII Nazi German Field & Vehicle Identification Flag Feld und Fahrzeug Erkennungsflagge
Item #: VF4147
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Roughly, 42X36 inches, single sided, two piece, rayon/cotton constructed field and vehicle identification flag features a red base field with a separate, roughly, 27 inches in diameter, white rayon/cotton circular disk with a black printed, opened ended, Balkan Cross to one side. The cross has a black outer outline followed by an inner white border and the central black cross. A brass grommet is to each of the four corners. Very nice clean and bright flag.
When Germany invaded Poland on September 1ST 1939 the German armored vehicles utilized a white painted Balkan cross on all four sides of the vehicle as identification insignia to prevent attack from friendly aircraft. The white Balkan crosses were highly visible however and also acted as a good aiming point for the Polish anti-tank gunners and armored vehicle losses were higher then expected. As a result regulations of October 17TH 1939, ordered the replacement of the white Balkan crosses with a black Balkan cross with a white outline. Anticipating further identification difficulties in the impending invasion of the low countries and France the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), introduced the swastika field and vehicle identification flags on March 8TH 1940. Further regulations of April 1941 discontinued use of the swastika flag and reverted to using the Balkan cross flag. During the early to mid-war rapid advances, when Germany still had air superiority, these type of flags were widely used by forward troops. Later in the war as Germany lost air superiority the flags were used less and less frequently.
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