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WW1 Der Stahlhelm Pole Top With Swastika
Item #: VF353
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Heavy, early, solid brass 10 x 4 inches pole top, hand painted insignia, WW1 Iron Cross, swastika and oak leaves; light wear, very attractive item! "Der Stahlhelmbund" (The Steel-helmet-league) was conceived as a national veteransí organization by Franz Seldte in November of 1918, and was officially founded on Christmas day of that year. It was mostly comprised of WWI veterans trying to assimilate back into what was then a devastated society. The Stahlhelm became the largest of the post-war veteransí groups, incorporating many of the smaller Freikorps groups into it. Most of its members were assimilated by the SA in 1933, and it was disbanded in 1935, with its remaining members absorbed by the DRKB ("Deutscher Reichskriegerbund"), which, in turn, was absorbed by the NS-RKB ("Nationalsozialistische - Reichskriegerbund") in 1938.
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