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US Army of Occupation of Cuba Medal 6046 Rim Numbered
Item #: VF3753
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Rare 1898-1902 Army Cuba Occupation Military Medal is numbered #6046 at the six O' clock position.  Medal is in excellent condition. Reverse of medal states "Army of Occupation Military Government of Cuba 1898 1902." obverse of medal states "United States Army For Service"


The Army of Cuban Occupation Medal was established by War Department General Order 40, in June 1915. To be awarded the Army of Cuban Occupation Medal, a service member must have served within the geographical borders of Cuba between the dates of 18 July 1898 and 20 May 1902. The medal was primarily awarded to members of the United States Army, but was available to other branches of service under certain circumstances.

The first Army of Cuban Occupation Medal was awarded to Major General Leonard Wood. The Army of Cuban Pacification Medal was a similarly named decoration, but was awarded for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Cuba seven years after the close of the Spanish–American War.


The medal is a circular bronze disc 1 3/8 inches in diameter. On the obverse is the Coat of Arms of Cuba. Around the edge is the inscription ARMY OF OCCUPATION MILITARY GOVERNMENT OF CUBA. The dates 1898 and 1902 are on either side of the Phrygian cap at the top of the coat of arms.

The reverse depicts a spread winged eagle perched upon a trophy of a cannon, rifles, war flags, an Indian shield, quiver of arrows and three spears, a Cuban machete and Sulu kris. Below the trophy are the words FOR SERVICE. Above the eagle are the words arched around the edge UNITED STATES ARMY. In the lower half at the edge are thirteen five-pointed stars.

The medal is suspended from a ribbon 1 3/8 inches wide. It is composed of the following vertical stripes: 1/16 inch ultramarine Blue; 3/8 inch old glory red; 1/16 inch golden yellow; 3/8 inch ultramarine blue; 1/16 inch golden yellow; 3/8 inch old glory red; and 1/16 inch ultramarine blue

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