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WWII US Army Air Corps Civilian Pilot Instructor Wings
Item #: JT443
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Rare set of WWII US Army Air Corps civilian pilot instructor wings. Wings measure 3 3/4 inches wide and wings depict an eagle with outstretched wings with a federal shield and a tally above with the word instructor.
Prior to 1940, the United States Army had approximately 4,500 pilots, including just over 2,000 who were active-duty officers, just over 2,100 reserve officers and a little over 300 who were national guard officers. As war seemed more likely, the number of needed pilots grew rapidly from 982 in 1939, to approximately 8,000 in 1940, to over 27,000 in 1941. Still, with these record numbers, more pilots were still needed. At the time, the United States Army could not sufficiently handle the training of the large number of flying cadets required. The U.S. Army Air Forces relied on additional pilots from the CPTP (Civilian Pilot Training Program) and a large network of civilian flight schools under contract to the US Air Corps, as well as conducting training in its own schools.
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