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Confederate Smoothbore Artillery Projectile Spherical Ball Bursting Shell, "Common"
Item #: JT409
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Projectile was intended for the smoothbore 12 pounder "Napoleon". This pattern is Confederate wartime manufactured using the copper time fuze designed to detonate in the air above the target, spreading fragments against troops in the open field. Those with side plugs were generally configured as case shot (approx 10 lbs. with iron balls), those without side plugs are usually "common" (approx 9 lbs.) and without balls. Fuze employed was a Confederate copper time fuze, short pattern for spherical projectiles, with flange and spanner holes, the fuze hole is recessed to seat the flange flush with the curvature of the ball, (Jones pg. 38). Projectile measures: diameter 4.52in., weight 9lbs. Copper time fuze intact.
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
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