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WW1 Austrian Vivat Silk Ribbon Battle of Brest Litowsk 26th August 1915
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Vivat Ribbons were an important Imperial Austrian patriotic art form during the early and mid WW I years. Austrian's were extremely patriotic people both before and during WWI. They found many ways of expressing that patriotism, from jewelry to tableware. One unique form of expressing/displaying their patriotism was through the acquisition of Vivat Ribbons. Vivat Ribbons were made of silk. They rather resemble bookmarks, and it is possible that some were used for that purpose. Vivat Ribbons celebrated Austrian’s battle triumphs, its military commanders, and its royalty, as well as its Navy, Army, and other special themes. They were sold to the public for the benefit of the Red Cross. They were avidly collected. A special album was offered to house them in an orderly manner and also preserve them from harm. This ribbon measures 38.9 x 6,5 cm and is in excellent condition 
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