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Sweetheart, Homefront & Trench Art -
Outstanding WW1 Turkish Prisoner Of War Art Glass Beaded Bag
Item #: BM3
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There is always something poignant about people's lives cut short or catapulted out of orbit by the forces of War. For those taken captive by the opposing side, there were, and perhaps still are, no guarantees. In times of food shortages and rationing, it is the captors who will be fed. The only control that can be exerted, as in conditions of dire poverty, is to create something with one's own hands to barter for food, or to barter for something that could be bartered for food.
This multi colored, hand made glass beaded bag or purse. The design of the beads creates a diamond pattern with white birds. The opening of the bag has a reinforced loomwork band which is decorated with the words 'TURKISH' and 'PRISONER' in blue beads on either side, with a black bead background and is decorated with multi colored fringing.
Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs
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