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WW1 Imperial German Hamburg Cross Medal
Item #: VF2646
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(Hamburg Kreuz) A high quality, multi-piece, die struck alloy and enamel construction award, issued to post-war veterans of Hamburg. Its base takes the form of an eight-pointed, multi-rayed star, 65mm tall and 55mm wide, whose vertical oval center features the embossed depiction of a first war era, heavily-laden foot-soldier. Surrounding the oval center is a gold-washed border much like a string of pearls, and two gold-washed swords crossing underneath the oval and between the arms of the gold-bordered, white enamel cross pâté which projects from the center. To the reverse is a heavy hinge, broad, vertical pin, and large catch assembly. Stamped to the reverse is "Deutsches Feld-Ehrenzeichen"  (German Field - Honor-award), "Ges. Gesch." (signifying patent pending) within an oval, and "Hamburg 11".

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