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US Navy Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal Split Brooch Numbered
Item #: VF2448
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US Navy second Nicaraguan campaign medal is in near mint condition and has the proper split brooch and is numbered at the six o'clock position M.No. 8468
The Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal was created General Orders of the Navy Department and approved by Congress to recognize naval operations in Nicaragua between the dates of August 27, 1926 and January 2, 1933.

To be awarded the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal, a service member must have either served on a United States ship, or as an embarked Marine, in the waters or land territory of Nicaragua during the aforementioned dates.

The Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal appeared as a medal suspended from a red ribbon with several white stripes. The medal displayed a woman (representing Columbia), armed with a sword, defending two other figures with a cloak. The medal bore the words "Second Nicaraguan Campaign" with the dates "1926 – 1930” displayed on the medal’s edges (although the medal was authorized until 1933). No devices were authorized.

The Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal was considered a separate award from the first version of the medal and Navy regulations permitted the receipt and wear of both decorations, if so authorized. Admiral W. H. Sutherland, who had been in overall command of both Nicaraguan campaigns, was the first recipient of both versions of the Nicaraguan Campaign Medal.
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