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WWII German Nazi Luftwaffe Second Pattern Officer's Dagger Cross Guard Griffstange für Offizierdolch
Item #: VF2278
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Cast aluminum alloy construction, second pattern, cross guard features a stylized national eagle with slightly downward angled, out-stretched wings, clutching a canted swastika in it’s talons to the obverse with a random, pebbled field to the reverse. The top edge of the cross guard has an ornate, embossed oak-leaf pattern within a subtle recess, with a subtly pebbled background field to each side, flanking a small rectangular cut-out to accommodate the blade’s tang. The reverse and top edge of the cross guard both have a raised, smooth outer edge field. The bottom edge of the cross guard has a deep, oval recess to fit over the blade’s top edge.
In March 1933 the DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League), was established by incorporating all civilian flying clubs into the one organization. The DLV was utilized as a camouflage civilian organization to train personnel for the future Luftwaffe. As a civilian organization it was able to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Versailles Treaty, which prohibited a German military air service. In February and April 1934 respectively the DLV introduced a dagger for Officers and a knife for all other ranks. Later in 1934 members of the Fliegerschaft, (Pilot Base), the secret military branch of the DLV, adopted both sidearms for wear. Shortly after the unveiling of the Luftwaffe in March 1935 a modified version of the DLV’s Officer’s dagger was adopted for wear by Luftwaffe Officer’s and EM/NCO’s personnel who held a valid pilots licence. On July 15TH 1937 a second pattern Luftwaffe dagger was introduced for wear by Officers, Senior Officer Candidates and Officials with the equivalent of Officers ranks and the first pattern dagger was discontinued. Of Note: Regulations of December 23RD 1944 indicated that officers ranks were to wear a pistol in place of the dagger. The cross guard was an integral component of the Officer’s dagger.
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