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WWII Italian POW Camp Made Cigarette Case & Match Holder With View Of Camp
Item #: JT197
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Impressive lot of two items that were identified from the buyer to the consignor that these came from an Italian POW camp in Weingarten MO. Cigarette case is completely hand made and engraved with scenes of a four door sedan on one side and a view of the camp on the other side. On the inside of the case are views of a woman and a flower. The plastic match holder found inside the cigarette case is identified to the POW camp at Weingarten MO. from the MP corps. Weingarten was the location of a large prisoner of war camp during the Second World War, with about 5000 Italian soldiers being held here. During the camp's existence, two prisoners escaped but were quickly recaptured, and five died in captivity. The prisoners were hired out to local farmers for 80 cents a day wage
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