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WWII French 1939-1945 War Commemorative Medal Medaille Commemorative de la Guerre de 1939-1945
Item #: VF1847
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Instituted 21st May 1946, for award to the French Army, Navy and Air Force for service against the Axis nations during WW2. The Free French fighting with allied forces were eligible, also civilians in certain circumstances.
The Medal: an irregular bronze hexagon, maximum dimension 43mm high by 28mm wide approx. Obverse: the cross of Lorraine with a triumphant Gallic coq superimposed, standing on a slipped chain. Reverse the inscription: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE GUERRE 1939 1945 surrounding a small laurel branch. Ribbon 36mm wide, pale blue with (red bordered) green edge stripes, the center has a column of small red "V's" for Victory.
Price: $35.00 USD (Sale Pending)