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WWII Nazi German 1942 Yearbook Of The Auslands-Organisation Der NSDAP
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The Auslands-Organisation or AO of the Nazi Party was equivalent on a structural basis with any and all of the 42 Gaue (or "States”) in Third Reich Germany. It actually was the 43rd Gau with headquarters in Stuttgart and under the direct control of A-O Gauleiter E.W. Bohle. By the very nature of its mission outside Germany the A-O was naturally heavily staffed by spies, espionage operatives and counter-espionage agents of every kind.
Each year the Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP published two yearbooks: Volume I covering all aspects of the mission of the organization except ocean commerce, and Volume II covering only matters concerning the German Merchant Navy.
This is a very nice example of the Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP 1942 Volume II. The very rare 6 x 8-1/2 inch, 448 page, heavily illustrated hardcover book examines matters related to German commerce, culture, colonies, education, celebrations, congresses, economics, technology, Autobahn, youth, film, art, manufacturing, and Germanic populations outside Großdeutschland, or Adolf Hitler’s Greater Germany.
The book is filled with data and photographs of important people and events, and contains many, many pages of excellent illustrated advertising from German firms such as Wanderer, City of Berlin, Arado Aircraft, Mannesmann, Ford Motor Company, MBA, IG Farben, Adler Werke, Lanz Bulldog Tractors, Messerschmitt Aircraft, Henschel, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, Zeiss, Telefunken, Sachs, Deutsche Bank, AEG, Skoda, Auer, Zeiler, DWM, SKF, Continental, FAG, Nordstern and Allianz Insurance, Bernstein, Focke-Wulf, Busch Binoculars, Osram, etc.
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